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Process for Probability WebQuest
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The Process

Follow the steps below to complete the Probability WebQuest:

  1. Discuss theoretical and experimental probabilities with Mr. Phillips in class before visiting Mr. Phillips’ WebQuest page.
  2. Print out the blank data tables that will be used to record results from each probability experiment.  (Click the link below.)
  3. Before each experiment, take a moment to make predictions on what the outcomes will be for each task.
  4. Click on the links to perform the experiments.  Make sure to follow the instructions on each website to select the correct variables for each experiment (number of dice, coins, etc.)
  5. Record the actual results on the data sheet after each experiment, and compare the predictions (theoretical probability) with the actual outcomes (experimental probability.)
  6. Finally, respond to the two short-answer questions on the data sheet:
    1. What did you notice about the theoretical & experimental probabilities after performing the experiments many times?
    2. Can you design your own probability experiment?

Use these websites to conduct your experiments:

Task A:  “Coin Toss”

Task B:  “Virtual Dice”

Task 3:  “Spinning Wheel”

Click here for a .pdf of the Probability WebQuest data sheet.